1. Tax Planning Service / Tax Planner:
    Tax planning or tax planning is an effort to reduce or minimize the tax burden that the state must pay so that the tax paid does not exceed the actual amount. Tax planning is done by every entrepreneur in every business line, where they want the system applications they use within the company in accordance with the tax rules that apply in Indonesia and the payment of taxes on the target. With tax planning, they can calculate the tax calculation and the amount of income tax they will later deposit to the State treasury.
  2. Tax Calculating:
    The calculation of taxes owed will later affect the company’s future operations. We help to calculate the amount of taxes accurately and precisely so that the company can policy, especially in terms of Financial management, to help the company carry out its business effectively and efficiently.
  3. Tax Payment:
    For companies that have not had time to pay the amount of taxes owed due to the high mobility, we are helping to deposit the taxes that will be paid by helping to make E-Billing up to that tax payment to the Bank.
  4. Tax Reporting:
    In order to regulate the necessary tax administration, we help to report taxes already paid to the State treasury by helping taxpayers report the Masa / or Yearly SPT to the local KPP / or Online. That way, the taxpayer should not bother to take care of the tax reporting. Up to us help with the annual SPT charging for both corporations and individuals.
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